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May. 19th, 2007

(no subject)

havent updated this in like a year... figured i would.. well things are going well for me right now... i got many hours for work so ill working like 40 + hours a week which is what i need!!
i couldnt wait to come home... i hated gildea.. the rooms are just like.. cinder blocks & not homey...
i enjoy being home.. but ill be ready to go back... i miss things about college... but theres only one more year left...
speaking of which, im not sure what im going to do yet... alot is up in the air.. i would love to go into the navy for nursing.. and travel.. it would be so worth it... im the type of person who doesnt just settle for the working life.. and soley that... i know if i joined the military i would be working.. but theres so much respect and honor in it & you meet so many people your age.. not cranky, bitchy, underpaid people who just are mean to you...
next.. my birthday's coming up.. and well things are crazy with that... cuz its hard when my bday is in the middle of the week... and some ppl arent 21 yet... so who knows... however courtney & kelly are coming down and we'll go on the boat & maybe go out to eat & stuff.. we'll find stuff to do... itll be all new to them since they live in h-town he he...
today janice & i went to dorney park... it was cool cuz it was supposed to rain but we went any way & it ended up being nice out...... there were alot of PA middleschoolers tho... they were annoying... i mean they are in middle school LOL... enough said!!
then i was dying to have a rum & coke.. just have a nice drink.... but i couldnt find any coke any wehre.. but my dad said he broguth some home today... so he made me a rum & coke.. it was cool... and just chilled with the parents... de's having a sleep over, so her friends are here...
i cant wait to go on vacation!! to the beach hahahha... unfortunatly this year im not going with the girls.. but im better off cuz there would be problems... so i was originally going to meet up with them cuz they are going the same week as me.. but i probly wont now.... which is too bad... cuz i was telling billy yesterday how i wish we were going to seaside again me & the other 3... cuz it was alot of fun last year... we really had a nice week to go and just a real good time..
i dont have any plans for the weekend.. just relaxing.. cuz this week i work mon-thur.. then next sat. as well... so ill be pretty busy...
billy works 2 jobs..and pretty much works from 7 then gets home at 4pm.. then generally goes to his other job around 5-6 till late then goes to bed... we see each other when hes off of work in the afternoons... but now that im working afternoons we wont really be seeing all that much of one another... but for now, its fine... we both need to save up money... especially if i wanna go in the military cuz then ill wanna buy a place to live.......... any way i just had alot on my mind tonight... i know this post is random.. but im random!

Jul. 12th, 2006

(no subject)

so.. i finally got up the nerve to change my lj. LOL
just the pic & background.. havent changed it in like over a year

yo yo yo

hey again im updating LOL... i just wanted to say i love my boyfriend billy so much :)

i miss him when im here at school.. but this weekend is going to be great.. partyin with friends and of course my boy.. i got two A's on my 2 papers i wrote.. im excited for that...
candace & diane came & visited yesterday.. it was chill... Lol
um.... yeah i dont really ever have much to say but thats ok lol
tty'all later


Jul. 11th, 2006

(no subject)

hey its been a while... im sure you all missed me lol... just havent had much to say...... um... im at misericordia taking summer classes.. its pretty good... um i guess i should update on everything else going on...

1. summer has been so fun... done so much so far... and its still going on... lol.. this weekend is going to be a blast.. going to a party.. it should be fun... going to spend quality time with great friends!!! and of course my billy.
2. Billy and i are doing great.. at least thats from my point of view... i miss him so much when im here at school!!
thats really about it.. now i have a religion paper to do.. so i better get moving on that... other wise.. things are chill.. im finally getting my life back to where it should be... a little less stressed, im finally out of my depression i was in since december... took a little bit to get out of... and ive calmed down with the bad habits i was going along with.. which is good... i care more about things now.. again... im back to the michelle i should be!!!

any way.. ill have to update this more.. i always forget about this thing LOL

Mar. 20th, 2006


havent updated..

i havent updated in so long.. but screw it... my life isnt that important to ramble about over & over.. you all know it already!!
i just want to say that i have the best friends in the world..
courtney & i shared some great conversations tonight... canny & kelly are gone... wont be back until tomorrow morning
but courty & i shared some tears and just discussed our lives.. and where they are going.. and just tried to figure out what is going on in general with everything..
i am so so so so so happy, i cant even express it enough how great things have been lately... i get lonely at times.. however... im glad i have no relationship to work on. or fight about.. nothing...
and ps.. i secretly know it all.........
i want to see how things are in 2-3 months.. in the summer..

speaking of summer....
heres the list of places i would like to go in the summer:
cruise w/ renee & mary
south carolina w/ courty to go visit christopher
wildwood with the girls
dorney park
six flags
the shore for a day trip ( a couple times)

and heres where i actually will go:
maryland.. twice.. (ocean city)
wildwood with the girls
and thats all i know of for now....... the planning is still going on!!! LOL

Mar. 4th, 2006

spring break..

so i was supposed to go home on thursday night but it snowed so i came home yesterday.. everyone is going somewhere cool for spring break.. not me.. im at the francaviglia residence for the week.. its chill i guess... i cant wait till the summer cuz im going on many vacations this year & hopefully courtney & i will go to myrtle beach to visit one of our favorite boys from the floor, chris :)
so thursday night was chill.. some drama but chill... court & i ended up in the boys bathroom and it was quite funny we were afraid of getting caught.. but the boys were showering & we wanted to say hi hahahhah...
i cut my hair.. its just at my shoulders & layered a bit.. i have a picture on my myspace its pretty cute... for now.. itll grow back again... just couldnt take it so long it was getting to be too much for me.. but its cute how it is.. i have to play with it & try to figure out how to style it all cute...
mom & i went shopping today... gatta love parents + shopping.. that equals free clothes for going out in... loved it!!
thats really it.. then we went out to eat.. and just got back a few mins. ago... it was fun... tomorrow who knows what im doing.. so far only church is on the ajenda..
monday= gym with lindsay... actually every day equals the gym.. ill go by myself if i have to... im still working on looking better.. especially now that im in the singles club!!!
actually thats another story.. im enjoying it.. just figuring out who i am alone... luckily i never let any one hold me back so im still the same person.. just dont know how to "flirt" and act single... megan said she will help teach me some flirting skills lol... i like not having to check in with someone though, its quite alright with me... and going out is alot of fun!!! im glad that me, courty & canny have gotten into going out & socializing with people our age!! i think its great!!
kk well thats enough for now LOL

Feb. 28th, 2006

(no subject)

so im not going to lie.. def. having a blast up here at miseri... its so chill.. and i enjoy blasting in everywhere lol... um.. on a side note.. things with jamie are done.. and im chill with that.. b/c they are assholes who have nothing better to do with their time but try to make me miserable.. but im chill with never talking to any of them again...

on another note.. im crushing and i feel like im 12 years old the way im acting.. cuz like everyone knows i like him.. and so does he.. but im just being a freak... idk....... im all on this "no one likes me, no one will like me" kick... idk how to like someone lol.. i mean for 3 1/2 years i didnt ahve to worry about like crushes & stuff.. and its like i have to start all over.. and im all creeping out.. any way... im a loser i know... and its not fair b/c i just want ppl to like me too......... idk.. oh well

i just have to let things happen.. if they are meant to happen.. but i hate that.. it sucks...

Feb. 15th, 2006

(no subject)

i see how it is.. i dont get how people think its so easy to get over 3 1/2 years.. it certainly isnt.. especially when there really was no reason to break up... im trying to get out there & just do things that make me happy.. but its hard.. b/c i dont know what you think.. i dont know what you feel..
i do know.. that when i was in your shoes.. i realized that you were what i wanted & no one else could be what you were and what i had.. and i only pray you realize what i have realized and learn what i learn...

come back.......

Feb. 12th, 2006

(no subject)

every story is a love story...

our story was the best one!! the best one ever.. i always said that & i mean that still.. i mess things up.. im not perfect.. ill never be perfect.. but i can be better.. and close to perfect.. second chances can prove it completely.. i always think about how everything came about....

freshman year in study hall... that was fun ;-) and then soph year in choir and passing notes.. then me running off out of the room to avoid that question... it was funny then.. and cute as i look back now.. or how about the first day we hung out.. it was alot of fun... or how about at pauls when we went swimming.. all the conversations.. and the flirting and those initial sparks.. or when you were going to tip me over in the pool and i was like "nooooooo" or how about "paul get in the back... " and then he was like "why" and you were like "just get in the back" i loved it.. dressing up to impress the best.. and the best is you..

or watching that movie... jeepers creepers ;-) lol that was so funny.. or when we first kissed... or how about when we were on the phone all those restless nights until 5 am.. and how i got it out of you that you wanted to go out with me.. it was so perfect the way it worked out.. it really was...

and i admire so much how every time there was a fight or problem you would never walk away from it. you and i always tried to work it out asap. you taught me not to run away from things.. it makes them worse.. go with whats in your heart.. and i know that leaving doesnt make it better... and thats the truth.. follow your own advice.. it helps..

i always trust you and trust everything you do.. and i always believed in you & our love..

all the cute pictures.. all the anaversaries all the special times wont be forgotten.. but should be strengthened and should make the future a better one.. and there is nothing i can say or do to change what has been going on. i am just going through my heart...

and what about my all time favorite story... the one about when we broke up over something stupid way back 3 years ago... when paul came into my work.. and i hadnt seen you for a month around there... and when you saw me... you said thats when you knew you had to be with me and you loved me... i always loved that story and it was so true then and so right.. and unfortunatly right now.. time is the best for this because maybe, just maybe this favorite story of mine will be replaced with yet another favorite story on you falling back in love with me again.

i love you

Feb. 11th, 2006

(no subject)

im taking everyones advice........ i am following my heart.... and my heart hurts...
i just want everything to be perfect again

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