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every story is a love story...

our story was the best one!! the best one ever.. i always said that & i mean that still.. i mess things up.. im not perfect.. ill never be perfect.. but i can be better.. and close to perfect.. second chances can prove it completely.. i always think about how everything came about....

freshman year in study hall... that was fun ;-) and then soph year in choir and passing notes.. then me running off out of the room to avoid that question... it was funny then.. and cute as i look back now.. or how about the first day we hung out.. it was alot of fun... or how about at pauls when we went swimming.. all the conversations.. and the flirting and those initial sparks.. or when you were going to tip me over in the pool and i was like "nooooooo" or how about "paul get in the back... " and then he was like "why" and you were like "just get in the back" i loved it.. dressing up to impress the best.. and the best is you..

or watching that movie... jeepers creepers ;-) lol that was so funny.. or when we first kissed... or how about when we were on the phone all those restless nights until 5 am.. and how i got it out of you that you wanted to go out with me.. it was so perfect the way it worked out.. it really was...

and i admire so much how every time there was a fight or problem you would never walk away from it. you and i always tried to work it out asap. you taught me not to run away from things.. it makes them worse.. go with whats in your heart.. and i know that leaving doesnt make it better... and thats the truth.. follow your own advice.. it helps..

i always trust you and trust everything you do.. and i always believed in you & our love..

all the cute pictures.. all the anaversaries all the special times wont be forgotten.. but should be strengthened and should make the future a better one.. and there is nothing i can say or do to change what has been going on. i am just going through my heart...

and what about my all time favorite story... the one about when we broke up over something stupid way back 3 years ago... when paul came into my work.. and i hadnt seen you for a month around there... and when you saw me... you said thats when you knew you had to be with me and you loved me... i always loved that story and it was so true then and so right.. and unfortunatly right now.. time is the best for this because maybe, just maybe this favorite story of mine will be replaced with yet another favorite story on you falling back in love with me again.

i love you


May 2007

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