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so im not going to lie.. def. having a blast up here at miseri... its so chill.. and i enjoy blasting in everywhere lol... um.. on a side note.. things with jamie are done.. and im chill with that.. b/c they are assholes who have nothing better to do with their time but try to make me miserable.. but im chill with never talking to any of them again...

on another note.. im crushing and i feel like im 12 years old the way im acting.. cuz like everyone knows i like him.. and so does he.. but im just being a freak... idk....... im all on this "no one likes me, no one will like me" kick... idk how to like someone lol.. i mean for 3 1/2 years i didnt ahve to worry about like crushes & stuff.. and its like i have to start all over.. and im all creeping out.. any way... im a loser i know... and its not fair b/c i just want ppl to like me too......... idk.. oh well

i just have to let things happen.. if they are meant to happen.. but i hate that.. it sucks...


*hugs you*
I like you :0)
and I'm glad to hear you have finally put Jamie to rest.
I'm glad you're feeling better. And you're right that what's meant to happen will happen. It does suck though lol
yeah it does... i hate crushing lol.. i wish it was easy to just be someones gf hahahhaha
and yes i did give jamie a rest...

May 2007

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