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spring break..

so i was supposed to go home on thursday night but it snowed so i came home yesterday.. everyone is going somewhere cool for spring break.. not me.. im at the francaviglia residence for the week.. its chill i guess... i cant wait till the summer cuz im going on many vacations this year & hopefully courtney & i will go to myrtle beach to visit one of our favorite boys from the floor, chris :)
so thursday night was chill.. some drama but chill... court & i ended up in the boys bathroom and it was quite funny we were afraid of getting caught.. but the boys were showering & we wanted to say hi hahahhah...
i cut my hair.. its just at my shoulders & layered a bit.. i have a picture on my myspace its pretty cute... for now.. itll grow back again... just couldnt take it so long it was getting to be too much for me.. but its cute how it is.. i have to play with it & try to figure out how to style it all cute...
mom & i went shopping today... gatta love parents + shopping.. that equals free clothes for going out in... loved it!!
thats really it.. then we went out to eat.. and just got back a few mins. ago... it was fun... tomorrow who knows what im doing.. so far only church is on the ajenda..
monday= gym with lindsay... actually every day equals the gym.. ill go by myself if i have to... im still working on looking better.. especially now that im in the singles club!!!
actually thats another story.. im enjoying it.. just figuring out who i am alone... luckily i never let any one hold me back so im still the same person.. just dont know how to "flirt" and act single... megan said she will help teach me some flirting skills lol... i like not having to check in with someone though, its quite alright with me... and going out is alot of fun!!! im glad that me, courty & canny have gotten into going out & socializing with people our age!! i think its great!!
kk well thats enough for now LOL


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