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hey its been a while... im sure you all missed me lol... just havent had much to say...... um... im at misericordia taking summer classes.. its pretty good... um i guess i should update on everything else going on...

1. summer has been so fun... done so much so far... and its still going on... lol.. this weekend is going to be a blast.. going to a party.. it should be fun... going to spend quality time with great friends!!! and of course my billy.
2. Billy and i are doing great.. at least thats from my point of view... i miss him so much when im here at school!!
thats really about it.. now i have a religion paper to do.. so i better get moving on that... other wise.. things are chill.. im finally getting my life back to where it should be... a little less stressed, im finally out of my depression i was in since december... took a little bit to get out of... and ive calmed down with the bad habits i was going along with.. which is good... i care more about things now.. again... im back to the michelle i should be!!!

any way.. ill have to update this more.. i always forget about this thing LOL


I love you and I'm glad you're staying at Miseri. =) ♥

May 2007

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