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havent updated this in like a year... figured i would.. well things are going well for me right now... i got many hours for work so ill working like 40 + hours a week which is what i need!!
i couldnt wait to come home... i hated gildea.. the rooms are just like.. cinder blocks & not homey...
i enjoy being home.. but ill be ready to go back... i miss things about college... but theres only one more year left...
speaking of which, im not sure what im going to do yet... alot is up in the air.. i would love to go into the navy for nursing.. and travel.. it would be so worth it... im the type of person who doesnt just settle for the working life.. and soley that... i know if i joined the military i would be working.. but theres so much respect and honor in it & you meet so many people your age.. not cranky, bitchy, underpaid people who just are mean to you...
next.. my birthday's coming up.. and well things are crazy with that... cuz its hard when my bday is in the middle of the week... and some ppl arent 21 yet... so who knows... however courtney & kelly are coming down and we'll go on the boat & maybe go out to eat & stuff.. we'll find stuff to do... itll be all new to them since they live in h-town he he...
today janice & i went to dorney park... it was cool cuz it was supposed to rain but we went any way & it ended up being nice out...... there were alot of PA middleschoolers tho... they were annoying... i mean they are in middle school LOL... enough said!!
then i was dying to have a rum & coke.. just have a nice drink.... but i couldnt find any coke any wehre.. but my dad said he broguth some home today... so he made me a rum & coke.. it was cool... and just chilled with the parents... de's having a sleep over, so her friends are here...
i cant wait to go on vacation!! to the beach hahahha... unfortunatly this year im not going with the girls.. but im better off cuz there would be problems... so i was originally going to meet up with them cuz they are going the same week as me.. but i probly wont now.... which is too bad... cuz i was telling billy yesterday how i wish we were going to seaside again me & the other 3... cuz it was alot of fun last year... we really had a nice week to go and just a real good time..
i dont have any plans for the weekend.. just relaxing.. cuz this week i work mon-thur.. then next sat. as well... so ill be pretty busy...
billy works 2 jobs..and pretty much works from 7 then gets home at 4pm.. then generally goes to his other job around 5-6 till late then goes to bed... we see each other when hes off of work in the afternoons... but now that im working afternoons we wont really be seeing all that much of one another... but for now, its fine... we both need to save up money... especially if i wanna go in the military cuz then ill wanna buy a place to live.......... any way i just had alot on my mind tonight... i know this post is random.. but im random!


May 2007

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