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Feb. 11th, 2006

(no subject)

when does too much become enough...

Feb. 6th, 2006

(no subject)

whats a dream and what is real.... ?!?!?!

Feb. 3rd, 2006

(no subject)

well alots been happening lately...

jamie & i talk again.. well.. here & there.. which has been good.. im glad we are starting to sort things out little by little... its better than nothing..

so.. im not sure if any one remembers.. but last year i went to the hospital bc i hurt my back.. well its come back twice since then.. and this time.. my entire body became numb.. cant feel a thing.. i cant tell differences between hot & cold.. if im hungry or full.. or if i have to pee.. (dont worry.. i havent pissed my self) i just have to do things every few hours.. like eat.. or pee any way.. no one wants to hear that part.. so i went & got an mri done.. it wasnt fun... but the tests came back negative.. i dont have any problems with my brain or any brain abnormalities or any thing like that.. but now i have to go to a neurologist.. god knows what they will do there...

so lately ive been grouchy when im tired.. which is like all the time.. mainly at night.. i get frustrated.. so sorry if ive been nasty toward any one.. just me being crazy...

so tonight my fricken phone.. broke.. in half.. so i went to get a new one.. and i was told i couldnt with out my mom there.. and also the insurance only covered like the one time.. or something i dont know.. and plus i would have had to pay for the phone... like.. hello im not going to pay for that dumb one to be fixed.. when i can just get a new one.. so i just got some new one.. same number.. just new phone.. so its good...

well im out..

Jan. 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

everything happens for a reason... i never know what that reason is... and i never figure any thing out... my life goes through twists & spins everyday.. especially now!! and i never understand it... im sorry for being happy... maybe i should wait before caring so much....
i dont know......... i wish i had the answers......

Jan. 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

wow tonight was a blast!!! me & my girlies had a blast tonight!! and this weekend!! classes this week have been going well & the weather has been warmer than usual.. its crazy... ive been missing adam & might head up to his school some time.. we'll see ;-) and courntey & i are making a surprise for our b/fs cuz we are so cute like that!! and we love doing fun things for our boys ;-) cuz they treat us so great!!!
its like 6 am and i dont know why im so awake!! its craziness! tomorrow i have work to do.. after the gym of course..

well i really cant think of any thing else.. for once... then again.. i am psycho so i should have tons to say.. but i dont!

Jan. 19th, 2006

(no subject)

i just want to say that i have the best friends ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks canny for staying up & talking to me last night!! helped alot!!!!

and i cant wait till tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its going to be so fun!

Jan. 17th, 2006

(no subject)

well im back at misericordia!!! im glad... classes were crazy today...

so yesterday i got back here around like 2.. brought all my junk to my room.. .then left it laying around.. i wasnt sure how the hell i ended up with all this stuff!!! so it was all over my room & my room was a disaster area.. i still wont be unpacked probly till the weekend...
so i got to see the girls & we were all excited.. it was a fun night... then of course i talked to my adam :)

so today.. woke up, went to bio.. it was good.. court & i just sat by each other & talked.. my roomie from last year sat by me too & i was pumped cuz i never see her any more! anatomy lab.. we were there the ENTIRE time... we had to dissect the cat.. well.. look at its muscles.. me & courtney are working together & we like have the fattest cat.. and we kept like cutting all over the place... who knows.. its entertaining for us.. then nutrition was right 10 mins after anatomy lab... so i was tehre till 845.. then i smelled like formaldahyde.. so i showered.. then we watched bachelor.. and i spilled my dinner on the floor.. like an ass.. but i was hungry so i made more.. haha... of course.. after i cleaned it off the carpet.. i swear i have spilled everything on the damn floor!!

then i talked to the boy :) hes been such a sweet heart to me.. and i miss him already!! and of course, he misses me!!!

i might try to go to his school one weekend soon.. just maybe for like a night or two.. that would be fun to go visit...
we'll see..........

Jan. 14th, 2006

i feel like such a kid again

wow.. thats all i have to say..
i am so very very happy... i didnt realize it would be this great.. wow...
well in case you cant tell, i spent some wonderful time with adam tonight..
i beat him in pool.. twice ;-) (not really, he scratched- but thats ok) haha
and then we just watched tv for a while.. and talked.. it was so nice..
and i was going to leave around midnight.. but the boy kept me there till 1230 haha.. but it was ok.. it was well worth it ;-) aaaaannnnnd now i feel like courtney with her b/f cj... as far as taking forever to say good bye.. now i understand it!!! haha
ps. its courtneys bday today, january 14
happy birthday!!!!! she doesnt read this.. but its ok.. ill still say it any way!!!
i dont want to leave home... (home is where the boy is) lol... but before i know it ill be back home again!! hehe.

again.. to everyone of my friends... i thank you so much for always being there for me & i hope im there for all of you just as much!! i try!! but thank you all again for being at my side 24/7.. love you all!!!
i mean it.. you all are such a blessing to me and i thank God everyday to have such great people in my life!! you all know who you are!
and ill be home again march 3rd.. tentative... could be ealier ;-)

Jan. 13th, 2006

(no subject)

sigh... everything is going great!!! i have been left alone from people i want to leave me alone... and my friends are just the greatest!! and so is my boyfriend :)
me & adam are going out tomorrow night cuz sunday im leaving to go back miseri... and then ill be counting the days till i see him again!!!
cortis bday is tomorrow!! and we are celebrating it on thursday!!! i can not wait.. wow i miss my girls!!! and im just having so much fun these last couple days!!! the summer is going to be so cool!!!

ive hung out with so many ppl this break.. and im very happy about that!! me & linds went to the gym tons of times & hung out a bunch too... w hich was awesome!!
me, mary & renee hung out a bunch.. i loved it..
me & janice hung out a few times and that makes me happy b/c im so happy things with me & her have gotten a thousand times better since high school.. its great!! i saw erin a bunch also!! i cant wait till summer to hang out with everyone again!!!
i could not ask for more!!!!

also.. thank you to everyone thats been by my side for all these years! and even still there for me now!! i love you all!!!

no one better burst my bubble..!!!!!


Jan. 8th, 2006

(no subject)

i am soooooo tired... i worked last night.. the over night shift.. made fricken 16-17 an hour... for sitting there reading a magazine.. loved it... wasnt a bad night.. i called a few friends on my break to keep my ass awake lol. im tired now though haha

tomorrow im off to the good old gym.. i cant wait! linds & i are going & we always have so much to talk about so its usually good to go & catch up ect...
and i have a dentist appointment.. hm......

other than that everything is good.. just been hanging out with friends.. and going to the gym, shedding the pounds... i actually enjoy going especially if i spend the money on it.. i dont waste it like some people i know

i miss my miseri friends so much!!! cant wait to see you guys!

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