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havent updated..

i havent updated in so long.. but screw it... my life isnt that important to ramble about over & over.. you all know it already!!
i just want to say that i have the best friends in the world..
courtney & i shared some great conversations tonight... canny & kelly are gone... wont be back until tomorrow morning
but courty & i shared some tears and just discussed our lives.. and where they are going.. and just tried to figure out what is going on in general with everything..
i am so so so so so happy, i cant even express it enough how great things have been lately... i get lonely at times.. however... im glad i have no relationship to work on. or fight about.. nothing...
and ps.. i secretly know it all.........
i want to see how things are in 2-3 months.. in the summer..

speaking of summer....
heres the list of places i would like to go in the summer:
cruise w/ renee & mary
south carolina w/ courty to go visit christopher
wildwood with the girls
dorney park
six flags
the shore for a day trip ( a couple times)

and heres where i actually will go:
maryland.. twice.. (ocean city)
wildwood with the girls
and thats all i know of for now....... the planning is still going on!!! LOL


You have to be available to hang out with mom and I when we come up and we will definitely do a day trip to the shore :0)
TOWER OF FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
yo yo yo .. you havent updated in almost a month! haha i wanna hear whats going on.. im gonna call u tomorrow.. but check out my livejournal page.. its HOTT!!! well ttyl love ya night!
Hi. I was kind of just doing a search for the band Home Town Hero and found all of these people. Anyway, it seems like no know knows this, but they're now known as Under The Influence of Giants. You can check out that site, join the community utiog for more info, or check out their MySpace (which they're really active on) if you want.

.. I'm such a loser, haha. K, sorry, didn't mean any harm, just trying to spread the word.
you haven't posted in forever. hope all is well

May 2007

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